DONKEY® Truck Carried Forklifts

Donkey Forklift

Rocky Mountain Rugged

DONKEY® Truck Carried Forklifts are designed and manufactured in the Mile High City, at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Over a century ago, miners in the Rocky Mountains used donkeys to carry heavy loads over some of the toughest terrain in the country. Rugged and sure-footed, donkeys were indispensable when tough jobs had to get done.

In 1985, Ken Ensor set out to develop a new donkey. He created a revolutionary, lightweight and powerful truck mounted forklift. In 1987, Quality Corporation began to manufacture the DONKEY® at its factory in Denver, Colorado. As the popularity of this innovative design grew, the name DONKEY® became synonymous with truck carried forklifts.

Todays DONKEY® is tougher and more powerful than ever, it can out-work anything around, without a break. The DONKEY® is purposefully built for ease of operation and simple maintenance. Quality Corporation is committed to ongoing research and development and to the principles of continuous improvement. Our staff works closely with customers and other partners to find innovative solutions for both existing and new applications. Using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing tools we strive to create the highest value truck carried forklifts possible.

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