Everything about the Burro is intended to be simple, reliable and lightweight.  It can handle an impressive 3000 pound load at a 24″ load center and lift it 65 inches. It is intended for use on improved surfaces such as, graded lots, parking areas, or paved surfaces. The Burro is great for delivering palletized materials with a single axle truck to stores, warehouses or job sites with suitable terrain.


3,000 lbs. at a 24″ load center

The Burro has a reach of 24″

Powered by Honda’s superb GX390 engine, the Burro’s rear wheel is hydraulically driven.  The engine is equipped with electric start for easy operation.  A spring applied, hydraulic released brake is built in to the drive motor for added safety.

The Burro load spacing is set to 51″ so it can easily handle standard size pallets.

The Burro takes advantage of the simple and highly reliable, single stage mast.  Lift height is 65″ – plenty of lift to unload any truck or trailer.


Several tire options are available for the Burro, including foam filled, solid and pneumatic versions.

Third wheel drive is not available on the Burro.

1.5″x 4″x 42″ long, adjustable width forks are standard on the Burro.  Sliding reach forks are optionally available to aid in reaching items at a further distance.  Sliding reach forks extend 24″ from the standard fork reach.

Burros come standard with a simple cable strap mounting system.  A fixed or portable mount from the Donkey can also be set up for use with the Burro if the Burro has reach forks. A pull-out mount is available for non-reach Burros.


If the Burro hasn’t offered enough so far, there are plenty more options available.  From forward and rear lights, strobes and sliding reach forks, the Burro can deliver.

The Burro has a 3 MPH maximum travel speed, weighs 1,800* pounds and can lift up to 3,000 pounds.

*Weight varies based on options.

The Burro comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.