D12-4K Front Quarter-2
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Weighing in at just over 3,000 pounds with a lifting capacity of 4,000* pounds, this midsize unit is capable of handling a wide variety of payloads. A lightweight powerhouse, the D12-4K has standard features that include side shift, strobe light, smart backup alarm, corrosion resistant features, hydraulic lift stabilizers and basic truck mounting plates. Driven by a 1305 tier 4 compliant Kubota diesel engine and a 6 speed GM transmission, the Donkey is capable of reaching speeds of up to 15 mph for greatly improved delivery time for those really long hauls.


*Weight varies based on options.


Choosing the right capacity can save weight, wear and tear on your truck and increase payloads.

All Donkeys are equipped with scissor reach. How much you need depends on your product and delivery environment.

The right power train is important.

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A unique feature of the Donkey is the ability to set it up with the best load spacing for your product. Keep it narrow to fit through tight spaces or make it wide to accept large product.

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Consider your product and delivery environment when choosing a mast.  Do you double stack loads, or have a need to enter areas with low clearance?

Single stage masts are lower cost, require less maintenance and are lighter weight.   Two stage masts lift higher and have lower down heights.

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Choose tires to suit your ground conditions. The Donkey is available with a variety of tire widths and tread styles such as, skid steer, turf or terra.

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Higher lift height means higher down height and increased weight. Determine your needs and select the closest match.

Third wheel drive isn’t just for mud holes. It can be used for a little boost when climbing, precision inching and low speed travel. Third wheel drive is optional on the D12-4K.

Headboard width can be maximized to fit your load spacing. Wide loads generally mean wider pallets so spread your forks for the most stable set up.

Side shift is standard equipment on the Donkey. There is 4″ of side shift total, which equates to 2″ on either side of center.

The basic truck mounting kit comes standard with your Donkey.  We offer a variety of mounting options to fit nearly all mounting challenges.   Once you choose your Donkey and provide us with some basic information about your equipment, we will provide you with a mounting solution.

To enable our customers to optimize their Donkey for the specific product/environment they operate in, we offer a wide variety of options.

The Donkey has a 15 MPH maximum travel speed. Weight and turning radius vary by model and options.

All Donkey Forklifts come with a one year warranty on parts and labor.