D14 – 5.5K

Lifting 5,500 lbs. up to 144 inches,  The D14 – 5.5K has power and Durability for the heaviest loads

It is strong, durable construction and large weight-bearing capacity make the D14 – 5.5K your heavy industry solution


Choosing the right capacity can save weight, wear and tear on your truck and increase payloads.



5.5K Load Capacity

Scissor Reach optional for both single and two stage masts

44″ &  56″

Kubota D1803

Tier 4 compliant

3 cylinder with Turbo charged with after cooler

diesel oxidation catalyst

Load Spacing

64″ standard

68″ optional (no engine limitations)

70″ Single Stage Standard

88″ Optional on a Single Stage

96″ / 120″ / 144″ Optional on a Two Stage


Terra & Turf

48″ Standard

60″ Optional

Same as other Donkeys with possibly the exception of Lumber Forks

4″ Total

2″ either side of center

Custom Colors

Donkey Glide

Extension Step

Lumber Guard

Fork Positioner

Sun Shade