Centralized Weight Distribution

Not only are Donkey Forklifts pound for pound the strongest forklifts in the World, but when it comes to stability and safety, Donkey “sets the standard” in the truck mounted forklift industry.

Centralized Weight Distribution Advantages

Centralized weight distribution

  • Pound for pound the strongest forklifts in the world
  • Our proven lightweight fix mast design, provides for a more even weight distribution
  • Reduces chance of dangerous front tip overs more common in sliding mast designs
  • Aluminum alloy scissor reach lessens the forward weight, further reducing the chance for front forward tipping

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lighter and significantly stronger than steel
  • Bearing-free scissor design
Made in the USA

All Donkey Forklifts are made in the USA