donkey forklift ENHANCED standard features

Donkey has introduced standard features to its forklift line, including a seatbelt interlock, operator gate, and secondary ignition.

Seatbelt Interlock

The interlock seat belt geometry has been enhanced to provide more comfort for the operator and functions to encourage operator compliance with the requirement to fasten the seat belt before and during operation properly. The forklift will not start from the operator’s seat without the seat belt properly engaged. If the operator unfastens the seat belt while operating the forklift, the engine will turn off automatically.

operator gate

The second product feature is the operator gate. During operation, the operator’s seat is the safest place for the operator in the event of a tip-over situation or a sudden loss of stability due to uneven terrain. The new operator gate is an ancillary measure intended to increase the compliance of the operator staying secured in the operator’s seat.

secondary ignition switch

The third enhanced product feature is the secondary ignition switch. The secondary ignition switch works in tandem with the new interlock seat belt. It allows the operator to crank and operate the unit for a limited time to complete mounting and dismounting the forklift. The location of the Secondary Ignition Switch on the curbside of the forklift keeps the operator out of the traffic lane. It allows the operator to mount or dismount the forklift in a safer environment.

Made in the USA

All Donkey Forklifts are made in the USA