Superior Forklift Operator Comfort.
Hard work never felt so good.

Designed with comfort in mind, each Donkey forklift comes standard with the industry’s only shock absorbing, low impact, seat suspension.

Donkey’s industry leading 4.5 cubic feet of leg room gives the operator free range of motion to control the lift without being hindered in any way.

Superior Operator Comfort Advantages

Most comfortable seating in the industry

  • Shock-absorbing low-impact seat suspension
  • Heavy-duty waterproof vinyl seat
  • Fore/aft adjustment

Most leg room in
the market

  • 4.5 cubic feet

Unmatched operator

Donkey Glide System®

  • Specialized shock absorber
  • Load dampener
Made in the USA

All Donkey Forklifts are made in the USA