Donkey Turnkey Solutions

donkey Turnkey Solution: Our Package Deal

Donkey Turnkey Solutions

Tired of waiting on your Chassis to arrive?  Tired of waiting on your bed? Need a solution now? Donkey’s Turnkey Solution is the answer!

Ready to work


  • Sole Source Purchasing
  • Eliminates chassis sourcing
  • Eliminates bed sourcing
  • Integrated removable mounting systems
  • Equipped for immediate use in the market


  • Factory Installed Removable Mount
  • 3/16″ smooth decking plate
  • Rub rails spanning the length of the bed
  • LED lighting
  • Strap winches and tracks with tensioning bar

Donkey Delivery System

General specifications

Cab to Axle (CT) Dimension186″203″203″ (CT)
Bed Length20′22′24′
Deck Width96″96″96″
Overall Width101″101″101″
Headboard Height78″78″78″
Bed Weight3470 lbs3817 lbs4030 lbs
Donkey Turnkey Solutions
The only single axle truck-mounted forklift

Estimated payload capacity
(26,000 GVWR) Single axle solution

4K Single Stage Donkey81317784
5K Two Stage Donkey70136666

Estimated payload capacity
(33,000 GVWR) Single axle

4K Single Stage Donkey1513114784
5K Two Stage Donkey1401313666

Estimated payload capacity
(56,000 GVWR) Tandem axle

4K Single Stage Donkey32920
5K Two Stage Donkey31920

Estimated payload capacities based on Donkey engineering chassis approval

Made in the USA

All Donkey Forklifts are made in the USA